TBFT: Mindset Fitness Success Ep23- Double-Edged Sword Of Comparing Yourself To Others

This mindset videos explores the topic of comparing yourself to others and how that can be a bit of a double edged sword.

Now, when it comes to this in forming healthy habits, I’ve found that there tends to be a bit of a Goldilocks type scenario. If you compare yourself to others that have really bad habits, you can use that to justify your own bad habits. On the same note, if you compare yourself to people that have maintained healthy habits for years and years, for example they’ve got a really good physique and they exercise consistently without missing days, if you try and hold yourself to that standard then sometimes that can be a little bit disheartening  and it can be demotivating.

Whereas if you can find someone that’s around a similar level to you, but has got some good healthy habits in place currently then it gives you something to aspire to. It is likely to be a little bit more realistic and you can use that to encourage you to form healthy new habits into your own lifestyle.

It all starts with the decision to...

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