TBFT: Mindset Fitness Success Ep22- Number 1 Success Blocker

The number one success blocker that I’ve observed over the years when it comes to health and fitness goals is the fear of failure. What this tends to do to most people is that it stops them from even trying to achieve goals. My advice is, try and implement as many goals as you can, fast and straightaway. Don’t think about them for too long and put them off into the distance, just execute straightaway. It may be a behavioural change or some sort of goal like drinking a couple of litres of water per day, getting to bed by a certain time at night, getting a certain amount of workouts per week. Whatever it is, rather than think about it too long and put it off and never getting around to it, just execute straightaway. Try and start from tomorrow rather than next week or next month.

What you’ll find is that over time if you just try and do one after another after another without putting it off for too long, within the space of a year, you might’ve tried 30 different behavioural changes. Maybe only five of these changes have actually stuck, but if you weigh it up that if you don’t try any, by the end of the year you won’t have implemented any new goals or behavioural changes. So even though you might’ve failed many, many times, you will have actually stuck with a few of them, and you’ll have been making progress.

It all starts with the decision to...

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