TBFT: Mindset Fitness Success Ep18- Goal Time-Line Flexibility For Weight Loss Success

When it comes to being successful at setting weight loss goals, something that I’ve observed over the years that has given people a much higher rate of success, is being flexible with your goal timeline. Now, I’ve seen it happen so many times when people have got that all or nothing attitude and they may set themselves a 10 week span of time in which they want to lose 10 kilos. They might reach the halfway mark and they’ve only lost three kilos. For them to lose seven kilos in that next five weeks can seem impossible and it may actually be impossible for them to do without taking drastic measures. What can happen is it starts to demotivate them and they lose focus and they give up on that goal.

What I’ve observed in the people that have been successful in achieving their goals is that they’ve been flexible with their time span and they’ve been able to adjust it once they get that halfway mark. Say for instance, if they’ve lost that three kilos by five weeks and they’re aiming for 10 in 10, they may extend it out and say all right, I’m going to give myself 15 weeks to lose that weight. It’s still good to have a timeframe because that can be motivating but if you put too much emphasis on it, that it has to happen that exact way, then that can be the seed that unravels everything.

It all starts with the decision to...

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