TBFT: Mindset Fitness Success Ep17- The Weight Loss Tall Poppy Syndrome

If you’ve got a big health and fitness goal and quite a significant amount of weight that you need to lose, this is going to require you to make big lifestyle changes. Now, something that I’ve seen happen over the years, is something us Aussies know as the tall poppy syndrome.

This reminds me of a story that I was once told regarding a man that was walking on the beach, and he saw a fisherman that had a bucket, a bucket full of crabs. The bucket wasn’t a very tall bucket, and there was no lid on top of this bucket. He thought to himself, “Why on earth aren’t those crabs just crawling out of the bucket? There is no lid on this bucket and it is not that tall.” He went up to the fisherman, and he asked him the question. He said, “Why aren’t the crabs just climbing out of the bucket?”. The fisherman said to him, “Well, you see, if there was only one crab in there, then that crab would easily crawl out of that bucket no problem, but what tends to happen when you have a group of crabs, as soon as one crab tries to crawl out of the bucket, the others grab on to him and pull him down because they don’t want to see him progress any further than the rest of them.”

This attitude can often happen unintentionally and often by the people that are closest to us. When people that you care about like your friends, family, loved ones, see you getting fitter, healthier, doing things that you haven’t done before, losing weight, feeling better. Sometimes, that can feel threatening to those people, and they can actually feel like you’re moving ahead without them and that they’re going to lose you. Sometimes, they can actually sabotage your efforts, and try and derail you from your efforts. You may be trying really hard to stick to the programme and stay on track, but these people close to you can be trying to tempt you in ways to try and steer you away from your main goal.

What I recommend is to just be aware of this happening. There may be certain people that you actually need to draw a line with and realise that, “I can no longer associate with these people because they’re going to drag me into these habits that I no longer want to be a part of.” Sure, you may actually outgrow them, but majority of the people that are really close to you, people that are genuine friends and loved ones, it may be worth having a conversation with them and just letting them know that you’re not actually going to leave them behind.

Just because you’ve got your goals and your ambitions, and your life is heading in a different direction doesn’t mean that they are no longer going to be part of it. But instead let them know you need their support and encouragement rather than the temptations that they’re presenting you and potentially pulling you off the track that you’re trying to go on.

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