TBFT: Mindset Fitness Success Ep16- Don’t Let Perfectionism Get In The Way Of Progress

When it comes to creating healthy new habits into your lifestyle, don’t let perfectionism get in the way of progress. Too often we have this mentality that it’s all or nothing. We have to do it exactly right or it’s not worth doing at all. Now the unfortunate truth is that most people that have this all or nothing attitude tend to get really good results over a short period of time, but then they do a complete back pedal and often end up in a worse state than what they were when they even started. This is because they just can’t maintain that momentum moving forward.

What I recommend is to just focus on progress. Try and be better than what you were yesterday, what you were last week, what you were last month, and as long as you’re making progress and moving forwards that should be what you focus your attention and energy on. Give yourself some praise if you are moving forward in the right direction and try not to beat yourself up too much for not sticking to what you’re trying to stick to. Focus on the positive, learn from the negative, learn from the times when you make mistakes, don’t just disregard it but pay attention to it, be aware of it, have a look at patterns, why that happened and course correct moving forwards.

It all starts with the decision to...

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