TBFT: Mindset Fitness Success Ep14- Beat Food Cravings With Distraction

When it comes to food cravings, a common misconception is that if you don’t give into your food craving there and then, that the food craving will intensify. Now there’s been a bit of research done into this and they’ve actually found that over a 15 minute span of time, cravings actually diminish and become less intense. Now there’s a couple of ways to avoid falling prey to the initial craving, and the main one is that you need to be able to distract yourself from that food craving initially. If you can do something of a physical nature, it may be go for a walk around the block, do some exercise, or it could even be just doing something off your to do list. If you’ve got a number of different things that are of a physical nature where you’re actually getting up and doing something and you’re fully distracting your mind, then within a 15 minute period you’ll have forgotten about it and you won’t even be bothered by it at all.

Now the key point to this is that you don’t try and battle against that craving. Don’t say to yourself mentally, no I’m not allowed to have that, because all that will do is help to feed and intensify that craving. It’s like a little kid where you tell them, don’t touch that and all the kid wants to do is touch that thing that you told them not to touch. It’s that reverse psychology that we often do to ourselves. If you distract yourself, nine times out of ten you’ll forget about it and the craving will pass.

It all starts with the decision to...

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