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Rory Borghesi - Rory Borghesi - Diamond Creek, VIC

"Rory’s Lost 30kgs…. Running Marathons NOW"



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“I started training with Rob and the team at Total Balance Fitness Training in late 2010, weighing in at 118Kgs, barely able to run 100metres without being completely out of breath! Over the past one and a half years I have lost 30kgs and become fit to now being able to comfortably run half marathons (21 kms) with plans to run the full Melbourne Marathon in October 2012”

“As the name suggests, Rob and his team demonstrate professional Total Balance principles in their training approach across cardio, weight training and diet tailoring specific programs to individual’s needs whilst making it fun and enjoyable!” 

“Thank you to Rob & Sarah for everything you have done in helping me achieve and maintain my health and fitness goals.”


When Rory came to TBFT in late 2010, he was 118Kgs, working in IT, and doing very little in the way of physical activity at home or work. He was in his 40s and could barely run a flight of stairs without becoming breathless. He knew this couldn’t go on. It had taken him little over a year to gain majority of his excess weight; He’d tried a few times to lose it on his own through bike riding and walking, but just couldn’t do it on his own. He needed help! 

He really wanted to get under 100kgs and to maintain the weight off this time – he didn’t want to Yo-Yo back and forth again!  Fitness was another area Rory really knew he needed to improve in, he felt older than he really was and wanted to turn back the clock. 

With TBFT’s help he did it. Working with them for over 2 years, Rory lost 30Kgs and had a great time doing it. They not only coached him on how to eat to achieve his weight loss goals, but taught him how to maintain his fitness regimen despite all the constant work-travel he had on his plate. Rory has been a true inspiration of how to completely change your lifestyle, health and fitness for good! If you were to meet Rory today you would think that he has been a runner his whole life, you’d have no clue of the complete physical and mental transformation he has made! Keep up the good work Rory you’re living proof of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. 

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