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Kim Byrne - KIM BYRNE - Watsonia, VIC

"Kim’s Stronger, Fitter and Now 10 Kilos Lighter"



Starting Weight
Ending Weight
Total Weight Loss

Kim wasn’t old – she was in her mid–to-late 20s. But she’d had several knee surgeries, and allowed herself to get a little heavy. She wanted to strengthen her shoulders and back, get a little lighter, be healthier – but needed a safe way to do it because of her past surgeries. She needed someone who would listen, pay attention, and design her an individualised personal training program – not just one for anyone. 

Total Balance went above and beyond. They listened, they cared, and they helped develop the perfect program for her. She lost 10Kgs easily, her back and shoulders are much stronger now! She looks better and feels better, and was so inspired by what Total Balance does, she decided to make a career change and completed a personal training course and is getting involved in the world of personal training! All because of the inspiration of Total Balance.

It all starts with the decision to...

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