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Daniel May - DANIEL MAY - Bundoora, VIC

"Dan - Best Shape of His Life After Years of Neglect"



“When I first started with TBFT I was in terrible shape and had no motivation to change things on my own. Training was something I thought I ‘had to do’. With the friendly and fun atmosphere at TBFT it wasn’t long before my training sessions became the highlight of my week.”

“The trainers really took an interest in my overall health and wellbeing. Their care and advice went well beyond the training sessions I was paying for in the studio and covered areas such as diet, and training programs that I could use outside my usual studio time. Their advice really sparked my interest and I would regularly discuss different health topics and ideas with them. This encouraged me to completely change my lifestyle for the better.”

“Now I love my new healthy lifestyle and body. Training sessions are no longer a struggle, they are something I really enjoy. They are addictive.”

“I have gone from out of shape and completely unmotivated, to being in the best shape of my life, feeling great, and have even made some good friends along the way!”


Dan used to think of training as a chore – something you were supposed to do, but not something he wanted to do. For years he neglected his physical fitness. He “let himself go” as the saying goes.

He decided it was time to make a change. As always Dan set his sights high, and came up with the following goals: He wanted to bench press 40 kg(each) dumbbells, lose a fair bit of body fat, and significantly build up his upper body. When he first got to Total Balance, he was shocked to find that he could barely manage to press 8Kg dumbbells.

Dan can now easily manage to bench press 3 sets of 12 reps with 40kg(each) dumbbells – all while laying on a swiss ball! He’s lost the body fat and put on a heap of muscle.

It all starts with the decision to...

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