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“I was 68kg at my heaviest….and PT and your eating challenges got me to 56-57kg which is where I am still sitting… even at 16 weeks pregnant!”

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Q : Daniel May
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“When I first started with TBFT I was in terrible shape and had no motivation to change things on my own. Training was something I thought I ‘had to do’. With the friendly and fun atmosphere at TBFT it wasn’t long before my training sessions became the highlight of my week.”

“The trainers really took an interest in my overall health and wellbeing. Their care and advice went well beyond the training sessions I was paying for in the studio and covered areas such as diet, and training programs that I could use outside my usual studio time. Their advice really sparked my interest and I would regularly discuss different health topics and ideas with them. This encouraged me to completely change my lifestyle for the better.”

“Now I love my new healthy lifestyle and body. Training sessions are no longer a struggle, they are something I really enjoy. They are addictive.”

“I have gone from out of shape and completely unmotivated, to being in the best shape of my life, feeling great, and have even made some good friends along the way!”


Dan used to think of training as a chore – something you were supposed to do, but not something he wanted to do. For years he neglected his physical fitness. He “let himself go” as the saying goes.

He decided it was time to make a change. As always Dan set his sights high, and came up with the following goals: He wanted to bench press 40 kg(each) dumbbells, lose a fair bit of body fat, and significantly build up his upper body. When he first got to Total Balance, he was shocked to find that he could barely manage to press 8Kg dumbbells.

Dan can now easily manage to bench press 3 sets of 12 reps with 40kg(each) dumbbells – all while laying on a swiss ball! He’s lost the body fat and put on a heap of muscle.

Q : Kevin O’Connell
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It’s funny – sometimes you don’t even notice how out of control your life is until something simple happens. For Kevin, it was his children. He was 128Kgs, and one day his daughter came up to him and rubbed his belly and said, ‘It’s time to lose your pillow Daddy.’ That got to him – the idea of his kids worrying about losing their father, too. 

 Kevin decided he needed some help. That’s when he found Total Balance. They were incredibly supportive and real with him. He knew it wouldn’t be a simple fix, but the weight came off steadily – Kevin’s lost 35Kgs and is a whole new man. His short-term goal was to get under 100Kgs. And long-term goal was to get under 90Kgs. He wanted to run 5Km in 40 minutes. He’s on his way to achieving all of those goals, and he feels so much better for it.  

When he goes home and sees his kids he knows all the hard work has been worth it!

Q : Eugene Chand
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Like a lot of people, Eugene thought fitness and diet could wait until he was older. But there he was, in his late 20s, doing well as an electrical draftsman – a smoker who liked a few drinks now and then, not particularly worried about his diet. He tore his ACL and that’s when everything went off the rails: After the surgery he sat on the couch eating pizza and unable to move for a good 3 to 6 months. He got heavy. He had high blood pressure. And his body quickly aged to older than his years.

Total Balance changed everything. They taught him how and what to eat. They got him off the couch and training. Eugene was the perfect student. He took their lessons to heart and revamped his whole lifestyle. He lost 32Kgs and has kept it off, and he’s gone from being totally unable to run, to now regularly completing Fun Runs and Tough Man Events. He’s a whole new man now. Total Balance didn’t just help him work out a few times a week, they gave him the tools to transform his life – and maintain that transformation!

Q : Kim Byrne
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Kim wasn’t old – she was in her mid–to-late 20s. But she’d had several knee surgeries, and allowed herself to get a little heavy. She wanted to strengthen her shoulders and back, get a little lighter, be healthier – but needed a safe way to do it because of her past surgeries. She needed someone who would listen, pay attention, and design her an individualised personal training program – not just one for anyone. 

Total Balance went above and beyond. They listened, they cared, and they helped develop the perfect program for her. She lost 10Kgs easily, her back and shoulders are much stronger now! She looks better and feels better, and was so inspired by what Total Balance does, she decided to make a career change and completed a personal training course and is getting involved in the world of personal training! All because of the inspiration of Total Balance.

Q : Brendan Coleman
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It sneaks up on you. In your teens and twenties it seems like you can do anything and still look good and feel okay. Suddenly you’re in your 30s and you’re overweight and you don’t feel good, ever. Brendon’s a Carpet Layer. He works hard, but being a tradie doesn’t always make a fit lifestyle easy – a lot of fast food, pies and sausage rolls and the like. Brendan was going to the RSL a lot and was downing close to a slab of beer a week. Maybe he wasn’t noticeably fat, but he was definitely out of shape and wasn’t comfortable taking his shirt off in front of people. He needed to change his life…

TBFT was the answer. They took a lazy and unmotivated man and “reality-checked” him about how his eating and drinking habits were affecting his life in a-million-and-one negative ways. They worked with him to revamp his lifestyle, and he’s happier and healthier for it today. He’s flattened his stomach and built up a pretty toned body! He stripped off over 15kgs of fat not to mention the muscle he ‘s gained.

It’s not all on the outside either. He has way more energy, a better mind-set, and his fitness levels are off the charts. He not only looks but feels like a younger man, and he was able to do it all with the help of TBFT.

Q : Ayden Zablocki
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“I woke up one day and thought to myself I have to lose weight as I have high blood pressure, a strong family history of heart disease and must be on the verge of becoming diabetic. I felt like crap. I looked on the Internet and found many personal trainers, but the guys at TBFT looked the most professional and they were reasonably priced too.”


“Hi everybody reading this……” 

“My name is Ayden and this is how I felt before joining TBFT…. “

“Well a couple years ago when I was still at school I weighed a whopping 123kg. I didn’t have many friends. I would always get lunch from the canteen which would consist of meat pies, hedgehog slices, brownies, hot chips, lollies etc. I also got picked on a lot which made me feel terrible and not want to go to school.” 

“I tried many diets and exercises which worked in the short term but eventually I gained all the weight back on plus more. ”

“I woke up one day and thought to myself I have to lose weight as I have high blood pressure, a strong family history of heart disease and must be on the verge of becoming diabetic. I felt like crap. I looked on the Internet and found many personal trainers, but the guys at TBFT looked the most professional and they were reasonably priced too.”

“So I built up the courage to give them a call. Rob sounded really nice and professional so I decided to go give if a shot.”

“When I arrived (the same day as the call) I was terrified of what the trainers would think of me, I had so many thoughts running though my mind, mostly negative. We sat down and talked for a bit and he made me believe that I can do this, so I decided to sign up.”

“The first weeks of training were really difficult and I thought about quitting a couple times. I didn’t think I was that unfit. I could not do sit ups or push ups. Not even one!”

“This is how I feel after seven months of training with the guys at TBFT…..

“As the weeks and months have progressed everything has become a lot easier. I eat a lot healthier now. The weight has come off steadily and I am easily maintaining it off. I now enjoy going in for my workouts knowing that I’m get thinner, stronger and healthier.”

“I can do many push ups and sit ups without feeling tired, my energy levels are through the roof and people give me complements all the time (especially people who I haven’t seen in a long time). Friends and family are constantly saying to me that all my puppy-fat is gone around my face, and that I’m looking a lot thinner and healthier.”

“It was hard work I must admit but I managed to lose over 20kgs so far and my journey is just beginning.”

“The guys are very passionate about fitness and it shows through their energy and enthusiasm that they bring to every session. They are all very easy going, friendly which creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. They make each workout challenging, creative and fun. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Rob and the team will lead you every step of the way.”

“So if you are like me and thinking of losing weight or just want to get fitter DON’T think and just pick up the phone and call TBFT. It really has been a lifesaver making that one call.”

“Thank you Rob, Sarah and Jo, you are the best!”

Q : Jo Patterson
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“If you want to see results, I highly recommend Total Balance Fitness Training and their staff. Through their focussed training and well equipped studio, I lost over 20kgs in less than 4 months. Being a small friendly and focussed training studio really makes you feel comfortable and supported through whatever it is you are aiming to achieve. I continue to train with TBFT to maintain my health and fitness and have chosen to make it a lifestyle priority.”

“Thanks Rob and Sarah for all your hard work making me work hard!!”


Jo wasn’t in a great place….she was in her mid 40s with two gorgeous daughters, but had fallen into the weight gain trap – she had packed on 10Kgs in just a year! With a strong family history of chronic illness she knew she needed to make a change right away. 

Working with TBFT was a real life changer for Jo. She felt comfortable with them immediately (she’d met some questionable trainers before finding TBFT), the workouts were fun, different and helped her get motivated and into the right mind frame to change her life. With TBFT’s support, Jo smashed her goals and lost 24Kgs in just 4 months! It felt easy, because she was enjoying herself so much and just embraced to process. 

Jo was so inspired that she completed a personal training course and joined TBFT as part of their team! Now THAT’s a life-changer. She’s kept up her training and has taken it a step further and is now studying to become an exercise physiologist – all because of Total Balance. 


Q : Matt Attwood
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For TradieMatt , feeling tired all the time with no energy and being unhappy about the way he looked and felt had become a way of life. Working as a plasterer, he was used to eating the typical tradie-diet consisting of meat pies, sausage rolls, pasties, donuts and iced coffee at smoko and lunch. Dinners would usually consist of fast food and plenty of it, grabbed on the go. After many years of this, Matt found himself grossly overweight!

Finally one day Matt clicked and decided he needed to get ‘healthy again’ and back to feeling like his “old-self”. He took action and signed up with TBFT. Together with their help Matt completely overhauled his diet, and started a proper exercise routine and in less than a year, Matt found himself 38 kg’s lighter on the scales. Not only did he drop a staggering amount of body fat but he was also able to pack on a significant amount of lean muscle mass on his upper body.

But for Matt, perhaps the most rewarding aspect of it all has been the surprise on most people’s faces who haven’t seen him for years and hardly recognize him. His beer-gut that hardly allowed him to see down to his toes is now flat, toned, and strong. His face is not only noticeably thinner, but he has a new level of self-confidence radiating from him that just hadn’t been there before.

Now, Matt is confident that this new lifestyle is one he will enjoy maintaining for years to come.

Q : Nichole Jatczak
A :

“I have been coming to TBFT for nearly 12 months and I have lost 24kilos. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and dedication of the TBFT team. Now I have reached my goal I look forward to the next steps in improving my fitness”


Being a mum of two and balancing work commitments and kids requires constant movement and energy. When Nichole came to Total Balance a year ago, she had neither. Nichole was overweight and had neck and knee pain that really reduced her enjoyment of life and effectiveness at work.

Nichole had typical goals when she started; she wanted to lose weight of course and feel more energetic and stronger, and to be fitter and feel healthier overall. She had worked out in the past, but life got busy, she moved interstate and work commitments slowly took up most of her time and energy, and that’s when a lot of the extra weight stacked on. One day she woke up and realized she barely recognised herself in the mirror anymore!

In the first 7 months of working with Total Balance, Nichole lost 24Kgs and has managed to keep it off. Her energy is through the roof and she feels fantastic!

Q : Rory Borghesi
A :

“I started training with Rob and the team at Total Balance Fitness Training in late 2010, weighing in at 118Kgs, barely able to run 100metres without being completely out of breath! Over the past one and a half years I have lost 30kgs and become fit to now being able to comfortably run half marathons (21 kms) with plans to run the full Melbourne Marathon in October 2012”

“As the name suggests, Rob and his team demonstrate professional Total Balance principles in their training approach across cardio, weight training and diet tailoring specific programs to individual’s needs whilst making it fun and enjoyable!” 

“Thank you to Rob & Sarah for everything you have done in helping me achieve and maintain my health and fitness goals.”


When Rory came to TBFT in late 2010, he was 118Kgs, working in IT, and doing very little in the way of physical activity at home or work. He was in his 40s and could barely run a flight of stairs without becoming breathless. He knew this couldn’t go on. It had taken him little over a year to gain majority of his excess weight; He’d tried a few times to lose it on his own through bike riding and walking, but just couldn’t do it on his own. He needed help! 

He really wanted to get under 100kgs and to maintain the weight off this time – he didn’t want to Yo-Yo back and forth again!  Fitness was another area Rory really knew he needed to improve in, he felt older than he really was and wanted to turn back the clock. 

With TBFT’s help he did it. Working with them for over 2 years, Rory lost 30Kgs and had a great time doing it. They not only coached him on how to eat to achieve his weight loss goals, but taught him how to maintain his fitness regimen despite all the constant work-travel he had on his plate. Rory has been a true inspiration of how to completely change your lifestyle, health and fitness for good! If you were to meet Rory today you would think that he has been a runner his whole life, you’d have no clue of the complete physical and mental transformation he has made! Keep up the good work Rory you’re living proof of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it.