Mindset Fitness Success Ep05 – Reward Your Habits Carefully

This week’s mindset tip is focused on rewards when it comes to forming healthy habits into your lifestyle. Rewards can be a little bit of a tricky area, especially if they’re done incorrectly. One thing you need to think about is; if you’re trying to set yourself up with the healthy habit of eating a healthy diet, the worst possible thing that you can do is to reward yourself with an unhealthy meal. The reason being is they’re two completely polar opposite things. In your mind, you’re building up the reward to be something desirable and something that you want, hence, the unhealthy food. When the habit that you’re trying to create is eating clean healthy food that energizes your body, keeps you lean, keeps you looking good and feeling good. Two polar opposite things. We certainly don’t want to tie them in together.

A great example of a good, healthy habit that you might incorporate would be if you’re proud of yourself for exercising consistently for a certain amount of weeks, you might reward yourself with buying yourself a new pair of running shoes or something that’s related to the habit you are forming and it therefore will actually help to deeper ingrain you into that habit.

It all starts with the decision to...

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