Mindset Fitness Success Ep04 – Stop Focussing on Your Goals

Now, as crazy as this may sound, my best advice when it comes to achieving goals is; don’t focus on them if you want to achieve them. What I mean by that is, say for instance you had the goal of wanting to lose 10 kilos of bodyweight, and all you did was just constantly weigh yourself and keep looking at the scales and judging your progress on that. That is an outcome that you cannot control. Now, if the scales happen to say something favorable, that might motivate you. But, if they happen to be saying a number that you don’t want them to say, or for some reason you put on weight, or something out of your control has happened, then this will lead to demotivation and it potentially may derail you to the point that you stop pursuing that goal full stop.

My advice is to concentrate on completing the activities that will lead to the accomplishment of your goal. For example, doing the set amount of exercise sessions, eating certain types of foods, avoiding other certain types of foods. You goal should be action-based goals. Things that you can definitely control. Did you go to the gym 4 times this week? Did you not? That’s something that’s in your control. Did you eat that food? Did you not eat that food? That’s something that’s in your control. Did you lose 1 kilo at the end of the week? You may have done absolutely everything right, but for some reason, the scales just don’t reflect that, and that can be highly demotivating. I believe if you focus your energy on the tasks that you need to do, attaining that goal will just be a byproduct over time.

At the end of the day, getting to that goal is only the start. The most important thing is maintaining that goal for life, depending on what the goal is. If you can work on ingraining those habits and behavior into your lifestyle, then the goals of weight loss or whatever it may be,  will just be a byproduct of that.

It all starts with the decision to...

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