Mindset Fitness Success Ep03 – Eat Slow Eat Less

If one of your main health and fitness goals is to be able to get yourself down to a good, healthy body weight and be able to maintain that, this is a really important tip. Other than paying attention to what you’re actually eating, it is key to pay attention to the speed that you’re eating your meals at. By slowing everything down you actually decrease your food consumption and prevent overeating. There’s been quite a few studies recently that have found that to be true.

What actually happens is by pulverizing that food down, you want to be breaking it down to the point that it’s almost a liquid. The texture of the food should be completely different by the time you swallow it. Your body will be able to absorb the nutrients much more easily because the particles of food will be much smaller and your body won’t have to have as much stress and energy put into the digestion of food.

Also, you will get full more quickly because there tends to be a little bit of a slow feedback loop from the stomach to the brain. If you’re eating your food mouthful after mouthful without stopping and you are not paying attention to what you’re doing because you’re distracted on the phone or computer, your brain doesn’t get the signal that it’s had enough to eat. Therefore causing you to continue to eat beyond the point that your body actually needs and your appetite will continue to drive you to eat more.

By slowing everything down, your appetite regulation will become more in balance and you actually won’t feel like you need to eat as much because that signalling will happen as it’s meant to happen.

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