Mindset Fitness Success Ep01 – Don’t Rely on Willpower…form Habits

If you want to have a fit, lean and healthy body, and you want to maintain that long term, we all know that one of the keys is that you have to exercise consistently. A lot of people have a misconception that in order to exercise on a consistent basis, you need to be super motivated and have a huge amount of willpower. Now, this isn’t necessarily true in all cases. I believe that the key factor is that these people have formed exercise as a habit and a part of their routine. That truly is the key to being able to do it on a consistent basis.

Sure it may take a little bit of willpower and motivation to form that habit initially. Once you can get to the point where you don’t think to yourself- “Can I be bothered to go to the gym today?”- You actually just have it as a part of your daily routine and don’t have to ask yourself the question -“Am I going to go? Am I not going to go?”- You just do it the same as you would have a shower every day, or brush your teeth every day, then that is the key to being able to maintain it long term.

The key of habits and why they work so well is that they free us from decision-making. We all start the day with a set amount of willpower, and as the day goes on and we’re constantly faced with lots of decisions to make, it wanes on our energy. This is especially true if you’re the type of person that exercises in the evening. If you’ve had a busy day at work, your willpower is going to be much lower by the time it comes time to go to the gym. Now, if you’re relying on that willpower, there’s a high likelihood that you may not go to the gym. However, if you form it as a concrete habit into your life, that’s when you’ll be able to do it consistently, because you will not even think about it. You will just go, because that’s what you do.

It all starts with the decision to...

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