Mindset Fitness Success 09- Why Monday Workouts Are A Must

When you’re trying to create healthy habits centered around exercising regularly and eating a good clean diet, it is important to always exercise on Monday. Now, the reason that Monday is any more important than any other day during the week is for two main reasons.

The first being that if you start the week off on a good foot, then mentally you’re much more likely to be focused and conscious about what you’re eating. It also has spillover effects into other aspects of your lifestyle. You’re much more likely to get more workouts in during that week because you’ve started the week off in that good healthy mindset.

The other reason is more of a preventative measure. What I tend to find is that often people will get to Wednesday, and if they haven’t exercised by that Wednesday, they’ll often just write the entire rest of the week off and just tell themselves that I’ll start fresh next week on Monday.

It all starts with the decision to...

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