Mindset Fitness Success 08- Overcoming Emotional Eating

Are you finding yourself drawn to the foods that you know you really should be avoiding in order to work towards your health and fitness goals? Do you feel like they are a magnet sucking you in? If so, you really need to take some time to have a think and be aware of what’s going on, so that you can determine why it is. Become curious; why is it that you’re being drawn to those foods.

The behavior of eating is very much controlled by our emotions rather than our logical state. I encourage you to be more aware of what’s happening when you do have those food cravings. Have a look at things that are happening within your life at that particular moment which are giving you that particular emotional response, and ultimately are making you drawn towards that type of food.

Another big factor, if you’re really trying to get past those food cravings, is trying to add that natural euphoria to your life so that you’re not seeking it out from food. It is important not to use food like a medication to get a fix, to get some sort of emotional response or some sort of feeling of happiness. You may need to look into your life and see on a deeper level if there is something that’s missing from your day, from your week. Are you taking the time to actually do things that you’re really passionate about? Are you doing things that you love to do so that you don’t look for a cheap, quick fix alternative from food to give you that pick me up?

I especially implore you to look at this if you’re really overweight and you’re really struggling with food. It is often emotionally linked. Rather than trying to abstain from certain foods and thinking it’s all about discipline, you may actually need to look a little bit deeper into yourself and into your life. Just explore and become a little bit curious as to if you’re able to add other means of getting satisfaction, happiness, joy and passion. By doing this you may not crave those foods that you know are holding you back from really getting to where you want to ideally get yourself to.

It all starts with the decision to...

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