Q : Professionalism and a true desire to help
A :

We take pride in running a very professional yet fun and friendly personal training studio. We want you to feel comfortable, know you can depend on us to deliver what we promise and know that we are here to help you with what ever you need health and fitness wise.

Q : Support, Motivation and Accountability
A :

Our passion is all things health and fitness, and our goal is to infect you with our enthusiasm, motivate you when you need a push, support you when you need a hand and keep you accountable to ensure you reach your goals.

Q : Value and Results
A :

Our aim is to provide you with a total solution to your health and weight loss goals. Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset training are the three core principles that we work on with you to maximise your training results.

Q : Experience knowledge and expertise
A :

Here at TBFT we have over 17 years of experience to draw from. Our knowledge and expertise will help you get the best possible results from your training. We’ve helped in excess of over 1,000 clients transform their health, body shape and lives.