6 Habits you Need to Drop to Slim Down

6 Habits you Need to Drop to Slim Down
Change of diet. New habits

If you seriously want to get yourself down to a healthy and comfortable weight and maintain it FOREVER, then you must change your daily-habits permanently! Focusing on the numbers on a scale too much, without rewiring your habits, will ultimately lead to your weight loss efforts being short term. True lasting results come from changing your habits and lifestyle.

Here’s six very important habits to rewire for lasting weight loss results:

  •  You’re NOT getting enough good quality sleep

This can have a massive effect on your appetite and satiety regulating hormones. It can make you crave fattening, high sugar foods and mess with  how soon you feel full when eating. Two things you don’t want happening if your trying to slim down!

  • You’re chronically OVER stressed –

Again this wreaks havoc with your hormones. Your body thinks it’s in danger and at threat so goes into survival mode and hangs onto all the fat you have on your body and resists weight loss.

  • You’re not drinking enough water – 

Being even just slightly dehydrated can quite significantly slow your metabolism.

  • You’re not eating nutrient dense foods –

Eating processed and “man made” or “man altered” foods can leave your body overloaded with calories but starving for nutrition, and hence you stay hungry as your body is urging you to find the vitamins, minerals and cofactors it really needs.

  • You’re not planning meals ahead – 

As the saying goes; “failing to plan is planning to fail”! We live in a word where 99.9% of quick, easy and convenient food options are not even close to healthy! You need to meal prep and have healthy options available.

  • You’re not mindfully eating –

We live in a fast paced world today with so much going on in our days. Eating food can sometimes feel like an inconvenience and something we need to shovel down into our stomach to relieve those hunger pangs. But not being aware of each bite, taste texture and flavour as well as shovelling it down too fast will lead to eating much more than we need, you’re not giving your stomach a chance to tell your brain it’s full.


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