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Success Stories

Below are just some of the amazing success stories we are proud to have been a part of – though the credit goes to each of them, really, they took the action and committed to changing their lives!

These are all just regular everyday people – with busy lives, families, not much free time, and many potential obstacles standing in their way. They needed help to change their lives, and we were happy to be there for them – and we’re very excited to share some of their stories with you. No doubt you’ll see yourself in some of them. So let their stories inspire you to take that crucial first step to a happier, healthier and more confident you!

"To motivate myself to go to the gym on my own and do my own training sessions was just not going to happen, so I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer at Total Balance Fitness Training. It’s great having appointments to exercise as there is no putting it off"
David Herbert – Diamond Creek, VIC
"a very friendly and fun training environment at their fitness studio located in Diamond a couple, we get to train together, and at the same time! This was a key factor as to why we joined TBFT, as we made a promise to change our lives together"
Dean and Kylie Murray – Doreen, VIC
"I’ve been training with the guys at Total Balance Fitness Training for 3 months now and so far I have lost 16 kg. I used to be unfit and unhealthy before starting my training with the guys. This whole experience has been amazing! Rob and the whole team are so dedicated"
Mathew Reiman – Bundoora, Vic
"The experience of joining a personal training provider in mid 2009 was new to me, and I think that it is a credit to the team at TBFT that at almost one year after joining I am still keen to attend my weekly fitness training sessions"
Marissa Deeble – Eltham, VIC
"I’ve been working out with the personal trainers at Total Balance now for over a year and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been!"
Lesley Yeomans – VIC

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