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I Have Lost a Total of 24kgs in Just 7 Months

Being a mum of two and balancing work commitments and kids requires constant movement and energy. When Nichole came to Total Balance a year ago, she had neither. Nichole was overweight and had neck and knee pain that really reduced her enjoyment of life and effectiveness at work.

Nichole had typical goals when she started; she wanted to lose weight of course and feel more energetic and stronger, and to be fitter and feel healthier overall. She worked out in the past, but life got busy, she moved interstate and work commitments slowly took up most of her time and energy, and that’s when a lot of the extra weight stacked on. One day she woke up and realized she barely recognised herself in the mirror anymore!

In the first 7 months of working with Total Balance, Nichole lost 24Kgs and has managed to keep it off. Her energy is through the roof and she feels fantastic!

I have been coming to TBFT for nearly 12 months and I have lost 24kilos. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and dedication of the TBFT team. Now  I have reached my goal I look forward to the next steps in improving my fitness.

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