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Matt Lost 38 kg’s… Saved From Tradies Diet

For Tradie Matt, feeling tired all the time with no energy and being unhappy about the way he looked and felt had become a way of life.  Working as a plasterer, he was used to eating the typical tradie-diet consisting of meat pies, sausage rolls, pasties, donuts and iced coffee at smoko and lunch. Dinners would usually consist of fast food and plenty of it, grabbed on the go. After many years of this Matt found himself grossly overweight!

Finally one day Matt clicked and decided he needed to get ‘healthy again’ and back to feeling like his “old-self”. He took action and signed up with TBFT. Together with their help Matt completely overhauled his diet, and started a proper exercise routine and in less than a year, Matt found himself 38 kg’s lighter on the scales. Not only did he drop a staggering amount of body fat but he was also able to pack on a significant amount of lean muscle mass on his upper body.

But for Matt, perhaps the most rewarding aspect of it all has been the surprise on most people’s faces who haven’t seen him for years and hardly recognize him. His beer-gut that hardly allowed him to see down to his toes is now flat, toned, and strong. His face is not only noticeably thinner, but he has a new level of self-confidence radiating from him that just hadn’t been there before.

Now, Matt is confident that this new lifestyle is one he will enjoy maintaining for years to come.

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