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If you take a brief moment to think about all your friends, family, work colleges and anyone else you know, how many of these people have exercised consistently for the past 5, 10 or 20 years. I’m talking week-in week-out all year round. My guess is probably no more than a handful. So why is ... Read More

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When it comes to stress I like to use the Goldilocks theory. Too little and we lose our drive and become bored. Too much and things become overwhelming, we feel out of control and our mental, physical and emotional health suffers. But just the right amount and it challenges us, drives us and forces us ... Read More

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So how do you actually maintain that motivation beyond the first few weeks or month of the year to “STAMP-IN” the new patterns of behaviour that are going to make your New Years resolutions a reality? The start of a new year, for most of us, is normally a time we think back and assess where ... Read More

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