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I Lost 20kgs & Feel Much More Confident in Myself

Hi everybody reading this……

My name is Ayden and this is how I felt before joining TBFT….

Well a couple years ago when I was still at school I weighed a whopping 123kg. I didn’t have many friends. I would always get lunch from the canteen which would consist of meat pies, hedgehog slices, brownies, hot chips, lollies etc. I also got picked on a lot which made me feel terrible and not want to go to school.

I tried many diets and exercises which worked in the short term but eventually I gained all the weight back on plus more. 

I woke up one day and thought to myself I have to lose weight as I have high blood pressure, a strong family history of heart disease and must be on the verge of becoming diabetic. I felt like crap. I looked on the Internet and found many personal trainers, but the guys at TBFT looked the most professional and they were reasonably priced too.

So I built up the courage to give them a call. Rob sounded really nice and professional so I decided to go give if a shot.

When I arrived (the same day as the call) I was terrified of what the trainers would think of me, I had so many thoughts running though my mind, mostly negative. We sat down and talked for a bit and he made me believe that I can do this, so I decided to sign up.

The first weeks of training were really difficult and I thought about quitting a couple times. I didn’t think I was that unfit. I could not do sit ups or push ups. Not even one!

This is how I feel after seven months of training with the guys at TBFT…..

As the weeks and months have progressed everything has become a lot easier. I eat a lot healthier now. The weight has come off steadily and I am easily maintaining it off. I now enjoy going in for my workouts knowing that I’m get thinner, stronger and healthier. 

I can do many push ups and sit ups without feeling tired, my energy levels are through the roof and people give me complements all the time (especially people who I haven’t seen in a long time). Friends and family are constantly saying to me that all my puppy-fat is gone around my face, and that I’m looking a lot thinner and healthier.

 It was hard work I must admit but I managed to lose over 20kgs so far and my journey is just beginning.

 The guys are very passionate about fitness and it shows through their energy and enthusiasm that they bring to every session. They are all very easy going, friendly which creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. They make each workout challenging, creative and fun. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Rob and the team will lead u every step of the way.

 So if you are like me and thinking of losing weight or just want to get fitter DON’T think and just pick up the phone and call TBFT. It really has been a lifesaver making that one call.

Thank you Rob, Sarah and Jo, you are the best!

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