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About TBFT

Our Story

In late 2002, long term friend, Luke Woodham joined forces with Rob to become part owner of the business and expand its operations. After several years operating as a successful mobile personal training business it became evident that our current "mobile business structure was limiting us...

our team

The Total Balance Fitness Training Team consists of owner and head trainer Rob Di Mieri in addition to trainers Sarah Culton, Jo Patterson and office manager Haleigh Di Mieri. View their Profile's here.
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Our Purpose

Total Balance Fitness Training is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of others. Through continuing education we will maintain a constant awareness of the latest health issues, medical research, fitness trends and weight-management information, developing a holistic approach to health and fitness that we will deliver to our clients at a realistic and affordable price.

This approach to health and fitness will be further enhanced through a unique two-to-one training dynamic, ensuring the journey to one’s goals is not only rewarding but fun and enjoyable along the way.

Why Choose us

These are the six main reasons why you should choose Total Balance Fitness Training if you are looking for a personal trainer in the Diamond Creek area.
  1. Experience
  2. Professionalism
  3. We care
  4. Value
  5. Results
  6. Knowledge and Expertise