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14 Minute Thigh Shaping Workout

No matter how busy you are, anyone can spare 14 minutes a few times a week. Not a bad exchange for a beautifully toned butt and shapely thighs in my opinion. The following is a super effective workout that can be done at home, at the gym, or even outdoors at a park or the beach on holidays. NO EXCUSES!




–       Something to time yourself with: could be a clock, timer or stop-watch. There are heaps of free apps you can download onto your smart phone these days.

–       An object you can hold to your chest of an appropriate weight for your strength: if you’re at a gym use a barbell, or if at home or a park try a backpack full of books, a stone or a small log, a child, a couple bottles of milk, etc, etc.




 Front Squat – start with your feet hip width apart, holding barbell (or other weighted object) in front of you at chest/shoulder level. Drop down into the deepest squat you can maintaining your spine in a neutral position. And then return to top. Be sure to keep your weight through your heels and sit your butt back as you squat down.



Body Weight Squat Hold – start with your feet hip width apart, hands on your hips and hold the deepest squat you can whilst still maintaining your spine in a neutral position. Be sure to keep your weight through your heels and stick your butt out.


Body Weight Walking Lunges – start from an upright standing position. Step forwards with one leg, dropping back knee just short from the floor. Toes of both feet should face forwards. Then step your back leg through to the front in the same fashion.





 1. Using a resistance you could only do around 10 perfect clean technique reps with, do 6 front squats at the start of each minute for a total of 10 minutes (the remainder of the minute is your recovery, rest time).

(no rest go straight into 2.)

2. Using body weight only, perform a 10 second squat hold then 20 seconds of walking lunges. Repeat this continuously for 4 minutes (8 rounds no rest).



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